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We have almost finished a very successful indoor season with the following teams qualifying for the 
Scottish Athletics Indoor Final.  I know you wish them all the best of luck on the 14th March, 2010

U11 girls x 1 team
U15 girls x 1 team  U15 boys x 2 teams
U17 women x 1 team & U17 men x 1 team
U20 women x 1 team & U20 men x 1 team

We will also be entering relays teams in all age groups at the final – you will be notified if selected.

Although the U11 boys and U13 boys and girls did not qualify all teams finishing 6th – we would like to mention some super performances over both matches.

Under 11’s
Michael Dennis:
running a time of 9.24 in the 60m and a PB of 2.00m in the standing long jump finishing 1st in both events in the both Matches.
Jamie Boyd: 1st in the 600m in a time of 1.57.9 and 1st B string in a time of 9.75m in match 1.
Vinnie Froude: finishing 1st B string in the standing long jump 1.64 in match 1. 

The U11 boys were lying in 2nd place but due to unforeseen circumstances there was only Team Dennis at the last match.

Under 13’s
Natalie Robbins
: achieving a fantastic time of 8.92 in the 60m and 29.5 in the 200m
Amy Armstrong: running a time of 2.50.1 in the 800m
Ellie McGinty: 10.59 in the 60m hurdles, high jump 1.30, 4.08 in the long jump and a shot put throw of 6.64m – a future multieventer?
Charlotte Miller: 9.23 in the 60m and 33.5 in the 200
Katie Robinson: in a time of 9.41 in the 60m & 32.4 in the 200m
Lucy Witherspoon: making her debut in the 60m hurdles in a time of 12.01 along with Hannah Fergusson 3.17 in the long jump and 9.76 in the 60m

Josh Kerr: achieving a fantastic time of 2.24.7 in the 800m, 1.25 in the high jump and 5.47 in the shot put
Cal McLennan: running a time of 9.40 in the 60m, 31.8 in the 200m and a long jump of 3.42
Brandon Archibald: ran 10.18 in the 60m and 33.4 in the 200m
Fraser Peters: running a time of 2.47.2 in the 800m and a long jump of 2.97
Paul Ireland: 2.48.8 (a massive pb from the 1st match 2.57.4) in the 800 and a high jump of 1.10 despite having to run between both events
Jamie Loudon: a great attempt in the hurdles despite not having done it before in a time of 13.95
Joe Riemersma: in his debut running 9.55 in the 60m, 32.3 in the 200 and a shot put throw of 5.08

Many thanks to all athletes for taking part in this league and to the parents making the effort to travel through to Kelvin Hall to support all our athletes. 

Yvonne Jones & Keith Ridley (Team Managers)

2 thoughts on ““Indoors Newsletter”

  • Joy Kearney

    The Indoor League is always such fun, especially for the younger age groups. I think its a great idea to mention all the super performances from the league matches for the teams who didn’t quite make the finals. Nice for the kids to see their ‘name in lights’. Well done to all the teams who have made the finals and good luck to everyone on the 14th.

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