Lothian Trials

We have received 352 entries this year so it will be a busy day.
We are again short of officials, so if you have any friends / relatives (whatever) bring them along to assist in some way to ensure we get through the programme. Contact Pat Sinclair or Moira Nisbet, who will be delighted to offer you a task. Parents could help with moving Hurdles between events.   

Declarations will be in Hall 4. To assist in getting the early events started on time can I ask that only athletes competing in 300/400 hurdles : 100m events up to u15 Girls: U13/15  Long Jump : U17 / SEN. High Jump and U13 Shot declare prior to 9.30am. (They should declare for all their events at that time.
All athletes must declare AT LEAST 30MINS PRIOR TO TIME their event is DUE to start.
If you are not competing in an event either let Declarations know (when declaring)or Track / Field Referee if after you have declared. Hold ups due to athletes not arriving on time is unfair to officials and other athletes.
It helps declarations if you can come along with the events and age group you are competing in (or not competing in) on a piece of paper, with appropriate Bib Number.
Have a good day. Hope weather improves as we do not have the Indoor area due to an Antique Fair.
If you see any errors on the Entry Lists email me with the corrections as this will save time on the day.
Bill Walker

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