Loughborough Trials and Under 18 National Open

Loughborough Trials and Under 18 National Open, Scotstoun 8th May 2011
The results for the Edinburgh athletes taking part in the trials and the open competition are listed below;

the full results can be viewed here:

Photos from the trials from Willie Lyall can be viewed here:

Stacey Downie 1st 11.93
Carly Sharp 4th 12.50
Rebecca Caswell 5th 12.85
Erin Froude 6th 12.93
Stacey Downie 1st 24.30
Gabriella Vita 7th 27.80
400m heat 1      
Kathryn Evans 2nd 56.01
Lauren Peffers 4th 58.22
Mhairi MacDonald 7th 59.36
400m heat 2      
Emily Dudgeon 4th 59.63
Siobhan Hanlon 5th 59.71
400m heat 3      
Caitlin Froude 2nd 60.38
Gabriella Vita 5th 65.67
Lynsey Sharp 1st 2:08.24
Emily Stewart 2nd 9:30.88
Sarah Hood 6th 9:34.55
Laura Dunn 7th 9:55.80
400m Hurdles      
Avril Jackson 1st 1:03.44
High Jump      
Jayne Nisbet 1st 1.74m
Long Jump      
Lisa Ferguson 2nd 5.60m
Long Jump U20      
Faye Nicholson 1st 5.64m
Triple Jump      
Jayne Nisbet 1st 12.26m
Julie Wyatt 2nd 36.78m
Kimberley Reed 5th 27.40m
Susan McKelvie 1st 61.55m
Nicola Falconer 2nd 39.80m
Hammer U20      
Kimberley Reed 1st 49.79m
Nicola Falconer 2nd 34.40m
Javelin U20      
Paula Gass 1st 33.12m
Tom Holligan 2nd 11.07
Alan Hamilton 3rd 11.15
200m heat 1      
Tom Holligan 1st 21.96
200m heat 2      
Toby Harris 1st 23.10
400m heat 1      
Peter Louden 5th 52.61
1500m heat 1      
Andrew Crichton 2nd 3:58.78
1500m heat 2      
Edward Dudgeon 1st 4:04.26
Marcus Cram 4th 4:12.27
3000m U18      
Jake Wightman 5th 9:14.47
400m Hurdles      
Toby Harris 3rd 55.83
400m Hurdles U18      
Seumas Thomson 2nd 56.59
High Jump      
David Singleton 2nd 1.73m
Long Jump U20      
Alan Hamilton 1st 7.03m
Hammer U20      
Ross McManus 1st 51.94m

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