MacDonald 5K Handicap

After 2 years of virtual events Saturday finally saw the return of the McDonald 5k handicap in it’s traditional format as 31 runners battle it out to put their name on the trophy.

After weeks of storms the sun was shining, the wind was calm, but there was a tiny patch of ice on a small section of the Meadows which gave everyone an excuse for a couple of seconds being added to their time per lap

Lots of good performances out there, with Roddy Forgie taking 1st place on the day after a great performance following a solid block of training. Special congrats also go to Pierre and HazelĀ  who notched the fastest male and female time without the handicap on the day, although there were a lot of great runs out there as be seen by the tight battle for podium places which were just taken by Tom and Iain after a sprint through the grass/mud to the finish.

These things can’t happen without a good squad of volunteers so thanks as always goes to everyone who came along on the day to make sure things ran smoothly.
Photos Richard Michael Clark

Full results list is below hopefully all recorded correctly but let me know if any issues.
Peter Simpson

Roddy Forgie 21:18 (17:18)
Tom Leeman 21:48 (17:08)
Iain Craven 21:50 (18:20)
Chris Creegan 21:52 (20:22)
Karel Vesely 21:56 (18:56)
Hazel Maccormick 22:00 (18:30)
Scott Henderson 22:02 (18:32)
Pierre Andreau 22:04 (17:07)
Janet Dunbar 22:09 (19:39)
Michael Fullerton 22:10 (17:30)
Sam MacNeil 22:15 (17:15)
Andy Latham 22:16 (19:16)
Gerry Campbell 22:18 (20:18)
John Hancock 22:24 (18:24)
Nikki Gibson 22:29 (19:59)
Isla Scott-Pearce 22:32 (19:02)
Dani Rivera 22:56 (19:26)
Karen Dobbie 23:21 (21:51)
Jim Scott 23:30 (21:30)
George Avraam 23:35 (22:25)
Cath Ferry 23:43 (22:13)
Keith Dunlop 23:44 (22:14)
Patrick Fenn 23:57 (22:27)
Becca Avraam-Meres 24:07 (23:37)
Paul McBrien 24:15 (22:15)
Eric Stevenson 25:00 (24:30)
Brian Howie 25:09 (24:39)
Sinead Gallagher 25:29 (24:29)
Shona Adam 26:00 (25:30)
Sheila Maccalister 26:37 (26:37)
David Maclean 27:28 (26:28)

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