MacDonald Trophy 2009 held on the 6.4k course at Kings Buildings

Vicky Lomax getting her prize

Vicky Lomax getting her prize

THANKS to all officials and marshals. Prizegiving was by Club Captain Martin Ferguson. Faster back markers were given a tricky task to run down those away first and made harder on a very windy afternoon. Both club handicaps now help by women: Kim Threadgall and Vicky Lomax.  Photos of the race will be available shortly.

Athlete Time Category
Tom Ryan 24.04 J
Stuart McLeod 24.05
Andy Laycock 24.09 V
Matteo Berra 24.23 V
Roy Mitchell 24.37 V
Marek Jurasinski 25.12
Dermot Baillie 25.37
Jo Thom 25.50 SW
Kirk Ollason 26.00
Katja Eravisto 26.03 SW
Scott Innes 26.33 V
Brian Howie 26.44 SV
Vicky Lomax 26.57 SW – Handicap trophy winner
Andy Laird 27.37 V
Graeme Brown 28.06
Ruraidh MacDonald 28.28 HBT SV
Eric Stevenson 29.15 SV
Claire Gilchrist 29.32 Ferranti
Debbie MacDonald 30.45 HBT
Jenny Matthews 31.45 Ferranti
Betty Gilchrist 32.46 Ferranti

Alex McEwan

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