Magic Mile

Magic Mile , Meadowbank, Friday 30th August

EAC are participating  this year in the Magic Mile and Karla has volunteered to do most of the organising. Our Magic Mile will take place on Friday 30th August at Meadowbank track. Register by 6.30pm for at 7pm start. Please let Karla know if you are going to take part.

The event is free but if you aren’t an Edinburgh Leisure member you’ll need to pay for use of the track. Helpers are also required, so if you don’t want to run but are available to help, again, let Karla know.

There will be prizes of adidas kit. Our own EAC challenge will be to get 26 runners and combine the times to see if we can break the  Commonwealth Games Scottish Qualifying Standard 2.19 for Men and 2.40 for Women
That’s just over 6 minute a mile

Can all you young track stars in Keith’s rankings challenge the seniors and veterans to record better mile times. Go on a mile is just 100 metres more than 1500 !

email karla…

The podcast Marathon Talk which many of us listen to while training, set a challenge called the ‘Magic Mile’ the idea is that you record a mile time, then post it on the website. This mile time is then adjusted for age and sex to give you a score. This year it’s women vs men. You don’t have to post the time, you can just run a mile! The link below has the details.  marathontalk challenges   


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    Thanks to recorder karen d , lap counter john blair , and declaration desk karla B.Thanks to prize hander outer freya and to press for taking photaes as they say in Edinburgh Nobody broke 5 minutes on windy night. We have now over 50 magic mile times from 4.50 to 6.40 .

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