Martin Ferguson – Male Athletes Representation on EAC Executive

Hello fellow Edinburgh Athletic Club members.

Following on from Susan McKelvie’s article regarding Susan being your female athlete rep at the club executive committee meetings, l am your male rep.

I am currently British over 45 Marathon Champion, former Scottish over 45 Cross-country Champion, Elgin Marathon winner 2009 and men’s club captain. I have been in the club since 1979 when l was 14. Some folk change clubs more than they change buses, l have been in the club so long that it has changed names four times! Edinburgh Athletic Club, ESPC, City of Edinburgh and now back to EAC!

If there is anything you would like to see discussed at the club’s executive meetings please get in touch; my E-Mail address is:-

For example, last year there were a number of the long distance running athletes had mentioned that they would like the club name on the front of the vests, like we used to. This was discussed at the meeting and it was agreed that if the endurance side of the club thought it was good because when running a race people who don’t know you can shout “Come on Edinburgh” – we all know how a bit of encouragement helps us in a race. The race could be in Scotland, Britain or anywhere else in the world as Edinburgh is a great club and a well known city! Alex McEwan took up the matter and the result is that vests with the club name can now be ordered through Garry Robertson, although they are a little bit more expensive (see website). Matters like this or anything else that you feel needs to be raised, please get in touch.

The Executive Committee do a canon of work for the club behind the scenes and are good hard working people. Our club website must be one of the best in Britain and keeps everybody in and around Scotland and beyond, updated with what’s going on in the club. Thanks to our great web team of Martin Little, Derek Cogle, Graeme Brown, Keith Ridley, Brian Nisbet, and Garry Robertson, apologies if l have missed anyone out.

Our next executive meeting is on Monday, April 4th so if you have anything you would like me to raise, please get in touch.

 Kind Regards

Martin Ferguson

Replies for “Martin Ferguson – Male Athletes Representation on EAC Executive”

  • Martin Ferguson

    Hello Martin,

    I am another runner called Martin Ferguson. (Scottish Great Grandfather) You may have seen my name appear on the internet.
    I used to sprint (100 & 200 metres) for Harrogate AC in 1988.
    I’m now 43 years old and live in Melun, France, where I run for AS LA Rochette. However, my times aren’t as fast as yours ! I run mostly 10k road races, some 10k trials, and cross country in the winter.
    I had a bit of success, qualifying for the French championships (V1)for the second time, next year, with 36 minutes in Montereau, then a week later I won a 10k race in Nemours. I have my first cross country race of the season tomorrow in Nemours.
    Here in the Ile de France region it’s quite populated and hence competitive, but I’ve reached the regional V1 cross country finals for the last 4 years and hope to continue the form tomorrow.
    Are there many veteran 10k runners at Edinburgh Athletics Club, what sort of level and training do they do ? It would be interesting to compare with training in France.
    Hope you can get back to me
    Best Wishes
    Martin Ferguson

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