McDonald Memorial Handicap

Results from last weekend’s McDonald Memorial Handicap 2018 below (scratch times in brackets):



Richard Clark 22:36 (19:36)
Kirk Ollason 22:47 (20:47)
Nairn McWilliams 22:50 (17:50)
Jacqui Rainger 22:58 (18:58)
Cath Ferry 23:11 (20:11)
Malcolm Fraser 23:16 (18:46)
Eric Stevenson 23:17 (22:47)
Ken Mortimer 23:20 (20:20)
Caitlin Cole 23:21 (19:21)
Jim Scott 23:22 (20:22)
Jocelyn Moar 23:23 (19:23)
Jonathan Ferry 23:23 (19:23)
Anne Duncan 23:31 (23:31)
Kevin Hamilton 23:35 (18:05)
Lewis Orr 23:35 (18:35)
Max Meres 23:37 (18:07)
Sean Eng 23:39 (18:39)
Shona Adam 23:41 (22:41)
Malc Parry 23:44 (19:14)
Andy Latham 23:45 (18:45)
Iain Macdonald 23:56 (17:26)
Patrick Fenn 23:59 (21:59)
Nick Wolverson 24:09 (17:39)
Iain Craven 24:15 (19:15)
Raul Salvat 25:07 (21:37)
David Steele 25:11 (23:11)
Dave Sidebottom 25:59 (21:29)
Richard Meade 28:18 (22:48)

Well done to all 28 runners, lots of great times posted on a very picturesque Autumn morning at the Meadows – hope you appreciate us sorting out perfect running conditions for the race!

Particular congratulations go to Jacqui Rairnge (fastest female time), Iain Macdonald (fastest male time) and of course Richard Clark – a very worthy overall winner, continuing to improve at almost every race this Autumn. Massive well done again Richard!!

Events like today’s can’t happen without a great squad of volunteers so Alex, along with myself, would like to pass on his thanks to:
– Argy, Garry, Eric and Al Jackson for getting the course set up
– The race recording dream team of Neil, Marion, Garry and Line judge Alex Jackson (who had 2 dead heats to validate!)
– Stewarding team of Kat, Jane, John, Alastair, Steve and Sarah, expertly put together by Lyndsey
– Master Bakers/Chef Extraordinaires Richard and Colin
– Cath, Jonathan, Eric and Henderson Wines for donating a fine set of prizes to make sure every runner receives just rewards
– Memorabilia suppliers Alex and Alex
– Tidy Upper Dave S
– Photography team Argy, Dani and Gaz
– And finally on course vocal encourager Bryan!

I hope everyone who came along had a good time – next handicap will be around April/May so would be great to see you all back for some more then.

Peter Simpson

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