Meadowbank Open Graded Meeting Results

Apologies for the errors in the first set of results.
I had to buy new computers for this event and they seem to have brought some strange gremlins with them.
The first round of the track events seemed to go alright, barring a few athletes running slightly out of lane, this does cause problems

However, the main problem was that a 3rd computer which seeded all the athletes from the first round into the second round. This worked well, but when I sent the images to the “Reader” computer it occasionally provided the wrong names, and so the results were a bit “crazy”. I did not realise this until a few “great parents” queried some of the results.

I have tried to sort out everything I can see wrong, but who knows.  That’s technology!!!
I hope this set of results are more accurate, but don’t be shy in challenging me….only another night without sleep…
Bill Walker

View the results here: meadowbank open graded

 Stephen Ritchie filmed the first round of the track events and it is on Youtube and can be viewed here: Edinburgh Indoor Open Graded


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