National XC Championships

The last major Cross Country event for club athletes is the Scottish National Cross Country Championships held this Saturday 27th February in Callander Park Falkirk.

Club Vest essential, spikes or studs recommended

Age                           dobs                                                    declare                 start                 distance
Under 13 Boys       01/09/2002 to   31/08/2004          1100hrs               1130hrs               3200m
Under 13 Girls       01/09/2002   to   31/08/2004         1115hrs               1145hrs               3200m
Under 15 Boys     01/09/2000   to   31/08/2002          1130hrs               1200hrs               4000m
Under 15 Girls       01/09/2000   to   31/08/2002         1145hrs               1215hrs               4000m
Under 17 Women 01/09/1998 to   31/08/2000           1205hrs               1235hrs               4800m
Under 20 Women 01/09/1995   to 31/08/1 combined with U17 Womens race
Under 17 Men       01/09/1998   to   31/08/2000         1225hrs               1255hrs              6400m
Senior Women         BORN BEFORE   01/09/1998         1255hrs               1325hrs               8000m
Under 20 Men       01/09/1995   to   31/08/1998         1330hrs               1400hrs               8000m
Senior Men              BORN BEFORE   01/09/1995         1400hrs               1430hrs               12000m

New club tent … Enid will need a hand to put it up and for seniors, we will need help taking it down.

If any senior is now lurgied, Alex always needs help with team management, drive cars , hand out numbers, pins and chips in good time to right athlete and point them to start line in good time ( the marco theorem) Oh and get them to warm up

Cars for senior men are 12:15 PC world

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