Open Graded Meeting

Open Graded meeting Sunday 26th January
Important information;
We have had a much larger number of entries than anticipated.
I attach a startlist which you should check, and if you spot  an error email as soon as possible. This will avoid confusion at Declarations.
download the start list here: open graded start list

Declarations will be split into five groups based on age as at 1st September, 2014.

If you are now unable to compete or will not compete in an event you are listed for please let me know and I will be able to make the appropriate amendments prior to the 26th.

Track events will now start at 12 noon to enable everyone to be able to run in the 60m / 60mH events the opportunity to run in both the “A” & “B” races.
Please listen to the announcer re timetabling. Remember All Declarations will CLOSE at 1.30pm.

A few applicants were confused by the wording on the Application FORM, and read it as the Entry Fee of £2.50 covered all Events rather than per Event. The £2.50 did cover the two races in either the 60m or the 60m Hurdles. If you still wish to compete in more than one event you will be asked to pay the additional £2.50 per event. Again, if you decide to reduce the number of events you entered but only paid one £2.50 let me know and you will not be asked to pay an additional fee on the day.

Things will be hectic but with co-operation on both sides I trust we will have a good days competition.
Anyone willing to help on the day will be more than welcome.
Bill Walker


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