Round the Houses 10K

Easter Sunday at the races in Grangemouth – Round the Houses 10k and East District 10k and British Masters 10k.

It was a warm, hazy, humid and deceptively windy day. A grandstand start and finish in the stadium, always enjoyed this, but that last km is tough twisting its way through the park and round the back of the stadium. Not many negative splits done today and I didn’t hear much good said about the second half, it was energy-sapping out there today.

Cream eggs and water and t-shirts at the finish

Hope the below is accurate and I’ve got everyone, I didn’t quite catch all the prize giving.

Iain Whitaker 3rd  overall and first V35. Rumour has it he ran the final 100m in 9.95
Leon Johnson 3rd V40
EAC first overall Male East team and first overall V35 Masters team (Iain Whitaker, John Lenehan, Myles Bax, Leon Johnson)

Elaine Davies 1st V50
Sue Ridley 2nd V55
Karen Dobbie 3rd V55
EAC first overall female V55+ team (Sue Ridley, Karen Dobbie, Sharyn Ramage)

John Lenehan

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