Running Through History (The Toughie)

Results are in for “The Toughie”. Delighted to announce Coach Alex is at the top of the leader board.

Good route choice trumps all!!…………….or does it?

The final runners for our fourth virtual race Running through History “The Toughie” might be at the bottom of the stats table, but as you all know the time taken to complete the run is only half the story.

Top marks also go to Max and Jane who ran in some pretty miserable weather, and just for fun Max took a detour up Hare Hill! Those eagle eyed amongst you will notice they climbed 1,881 feet; without getting lost like some of the rest of us!!

Consensus from all who ran it was great taking the time out to run a lesser trodden path away from it all, taking in the scenery and sounds of nature in deepest darkest Pentlands.

We’re so fortunate to have the Pentlands in our backyard! ……… time can we run with Alex!

Stop the press; so sorry but I have a new entrant (allowed as ran on Sunday and sent data thru but I had a technical glitch receiving it)

We have a new runner at the top of the leader board. Kirk Ollason ran a very impressive 1:36:34. Kirk wasn’t able to do the first three races of the series Running through History, due to Covid restrictions but was keen to support the challenge and especially pleased we kept the best for last. Congratulations Kirk

WELL DONE to all who participated

Shona Adam

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