Scottish Masters Cross Country Championship

Our Medal Winners:
V50 ladies – gold – Janet Dunbar, Sue Ridley, Karen Dobbie

Lindsay’s Masters XC 2023 Copyright Bobby Gavin Byline Must be Used

V40 men – gold – Ewan Cameron, Iain Whitaker, Stuart Johnston, Mark Thornton-Smith

Janet Dunbar – silver W50

Sue Ridley – silver – W55

Karen Dobbie – bronze – F55

Ewan Cameron – bronze – M40

W40/45  4th Team
Hazel MacCormick  5th
Isobel Joiner  24th
Jennifer Maclean  6th

Janet Dunbar  2nd
Elaine Davis  16th

Sue Ridley  2nd
Karen Dobbie  3rd
Shona Adam 21st

Sharyn Ramage 7th
Anna Duncan 8th

Ewan Cameron 3rd
Iain Whitaker  5th
Stuart Johnston 6th
Mark Thornton-Smith 26th
Gordon Pryde 35th
Iain Craven 44th

Argy Rizos  30th

M50 5th Team
Tim Hely 14th
Malcolm Parry 23rd
Lewis Orr 26th
Dave Clements 38th
Paul McBrien 41st
Aaron Devereaux 53rd

David Cross 12th
Daniel Rivera 13th
Gavin Phillip 17th
Andrew Latham 20th

Chris Creegan 17th

Alex MacEwan 17th M70
Eric Stevenson 6th
Brian Howie  7th

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