Scottish Relay Championships

Well done to all our athletes competing in the Scottish Relay Championships in Grangemouth.
photos Bobby Gavin

Our Medal winners:

Senior Women 4x100m 1st: 48.14
Peace Oriabure Okaka, Lulu MacLeod, Katie Purves, Stacey Downie

Senior Women 4x400m 1st,  3:55.58
Katie Johnson, Katie Purves, Stacey Downie, Anise Macaulay Orr

Senior Women 3x800m 1st 7:00.25
Katie Johnson, Victoria Barthelmess, Anise Macaulay Orr

Under 13 Boys 4x100m 1st , 53.28
Lennox Kuthan, Matt Dryden, Archie Smart, Lukas Sonneville

Senior Men 4x100m 2nd: 43.07
Rory Brogan, Mateo Hughes, Bradley Francis, Slexander Poustie-Williamson

Under 15 Girls 4x300m 3rd, 3:01.20
Connie Sanderson, Charlotte Smart, Katie Reid, Freya Ballantine

Under 13 Boys 3x800m 3rd , 7:36.89
Calum Harvie-Clark, Archie Smart, Jukas Sonneville

Under 15 Girls 3x800m 3rd , 7:15.52
Katie MacPhail, Jessica Taylor,  Megan Makay

Other teams who competed:

Under 13 Girls 4x100m 7th Final 56.44
Amelia Cooper, Rinnah Ajala, Matilda Jamieson, Isla Duncan

Under 15 Boys, 4x100m  9th Heats: 50.56
 Alessandro MacDonald, Arran Batchelor, Donald Ross. Lachie Steen

Under 15 Girls 4x100m 11th Semi Finals: 53.35
Adora  Sotannde, Freya Ballantine, Connie Sanderson, Katie Reid

Under 17 Women 3x800m 4th 7:17.87
Dashka MacDonald, Anna Cruden,  Orlaith Shepherd

Under 13 Girls 3x800m 8th Final 8:27.15
Isla Duncan,  Stella Crawford, Ellie O’Connor

Under 15 Boys 3x800m 8th Final 7:17.16
Danny Convery, Jamie Duncan,  Harry MacKay

Under 15 Girls 3x800m 10th Final, 7:55.85
Catriona Scott, Annabbella Van Der Merwe, Joanna Hirst

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