Studying in the USA

Alex McEwan made some enquiries regarding the standards for qualification for a scholarship,

We get few of these requests every season . What sort of standards are you looking for?
The UKA power of 10 lists all UK and scottish male female by age group who are middle distance runners.
Hello Alex,
Thank you for your reply.  Attached are some standards that I look for in a scholarship athlete.  If the athlete is running much faster they will qualify for a larger scholarship.  I have looked on the power of 10 website and there are some great athletes in you club.  I look forward to hearing from you.  As I mentioned, if the athlete has just completed university they can start a masters degree here or use their credits they earned and transfer them in to start a 2nd bachelors degree.
Leo Mayo American International College Head Coach, Mens and Womens Cross Country and Track & Field cell – 413-221-1804 phone – 413-205-3926 fax – 413-205-3916
Standards for scholarship athletes


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