University Championships

The 2012 BUCS were held in the  in London’s Olympic Stadium at the weekend with some of our athetes competing for their various universties.

w800 2 Emily Dudgeon CAU 2:06.36
wHT 2 Hannah Evenden LMU/EDI/Eng 55.83m
wSP 2 Hannah Evenden LMU/EDI/Eng 13.42m
wDT 1 Hannah Evenden 43.46m

LJ 4 Allan Hamilton QMU 7.16m/-0.2
wHJ 4 Emma Lowry LOU 1.69m
w400 2s2 Lynsey Sharp NAP 55.88
wSP 1 Julia Siart EDI/Aus 13.48m
wHT 3 Julia Siart EDI/Aus 55.70m
w2000SC 2 Emily Stewart EDU 6:37.49
wLJ 4 Sarah Warnock 5.84m/0.2

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