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Scottish Young Athletes League Final – Grangemouth, 23 August 2009

 The SYAL final resulted in a convincing win for Edinburgh AC and once again our young athletes will be representing Scotland in the UK final in Birmingham; Giffnock, as runners up, will represent Scotland in the Auxiliary final – Good luck to the athletes from both clubs who will be competing in Birmingham. Top performance came from Emily Dudgeon who set a new league record of 2.12.28 in the U17 women’s 800m. Our strength in depth showed with not only excellent results in the ‘A’ strings but a large number of winners and second places in the B string events.
(Keith Ridley)
Full results available on:

Match Result Place Points
Edinburgh AC 1 921.5
Giffnock North 2 780.5
Team Hippo 3 725
VP Glasgow 4 602
Pitreavie 5 525.5
Shettleston 6 505
Inverness 7 440
Falkirk Victoria 8 352.5


U13 Boys            
Event ‘A’ String Place   ‘B’ String Place  
100m Ben Robbins 2nd 12.67 Guy Wardrop 3rd 14.93
200m Ben Robbins 2nd 26.35 Luca Vita 2nd 29.19
800m Sean Stout 3rd 2.31.75 Fraser Peters 8th 2.55.45
1500m Josh Kerr 1st 4.56.88 Dominic O’Hare 3rd 5.21.57
75m Hurd Callum Jones 3rd 15.02 Callum Robertson 6th 16.31
Long Jump Callum Jones 8th 3.50 Guy Wardrop 6th 3.37
High Jump Callum Jones 5th 1.25 Josh Kerr 3rd 1.20
Shot Ben Robbins 1st 10.27 Luca Vita 4th 6.32
4 x 100m Josh Kerr,
 Ben Black,
Calum Jones,
 Luca Vita
1st 55.99      
U13 Girls            
75m Rosie Wilson 2nd 11.11 Elizabeth Wells 1st 10.98
150m Elizabeth Wells 2nd 21.16 Katie Robertson 1st 21.48
800m Rosie Wilson 1st 2.31.63 Emily Strathdee 3rd 2.35.67
1200m Ali Hunter 2nd 4.06.10 Hannah Cameron 1st 4.07.78
70m Hurd Katie Robertson 1st 12.86` Ellie McGinty 2nd 14.05
4 x 100 Rosie Wilson,
Katie Robertson,

Lizzie Wells,
 Morayo Benson

1st 56.70      
Long Jump Elizabeth Wells 1st 4.31 Ellie McGinty 3rd 3.77
High Jump Katie Robertson 1st 1.35 Ellie McGinty 3rd 1.25
Shot Morayo Benson 1st 8.21 Sam Higgs 1st 6.77
U15 Boys            
100m John Glen 1st 12.22 Freddy Smith 1st 12.42
200m John Glen 1st 24.13 Keiran Reilly 2nd 26.65
400m Keiran Reilly 3rd 55.14 Seumas Thomson 1st 56.17
800m Ciaran Turton 6th 2.20.76 Michael Cameron 4th 2.36.57
1500m Ruaridh Miller 7th 4.45.29 Jake Kerr 7th 5.10.87
80m Hurd Seumas Thomson 3rd 12.42 Philip Bryans 5th 17.16
4 x 100 Keiran Reilly,
 Freddy Smith,
John Glen,
 Kieran Kivlin
1st 48.13      
4 x 400 Keiran Reilly,
John Glen,
Seumas Thomson,

Kieran Kivlin

1st 3.50.60      
Long Jump Freddy Smith 1st 5.04 Fergus Greig 6th 3.55
High Jump Freddy Smith 1st 1.60 Damon Salmanzadeh 1st 1.60
Pole Vault Fergus Greig 3rd 1.80 N/A    
Shot John King 1st 9.88 Hamish Campbell 1st 9.74
Discus John King 1st 33.32 Hamish Campbell 1st 27.70
Hammer John King 1st 28.56 N/A    
Javelin Fergus Greig 2nd 31.06 Ben Black 1st 26.32
U15 Girls            
100m Kirsty McKean 4th 13.95 Isla Mackenzie 2nd 13.76
200m Isla Mackenzie 5th 28.14 Emma McGinty 4th 29.34
800m Olivia Mackenzie 1st 2.24.37 Blair Wood 1st 2.25.84
1500m Olivia O’Hare 2nd 4.52.10 Rachael Dunn 1st 4.59.95
75m Hurd Kirsty McKean 2nd 12.91 Emma McGinty 1st 13.05
4 x 100   3rd 53.73      
Long Jump Kirsty McKean 2nd 4.89 Katie Logan 1st 4.74
High Jump Caitlin O’Neil 3rd 1.40 Kerry-Anne Hastings 1st 1.40
Pole Vault     N/A    
Shot Naomi Symonds 1st 10.46 Katie Logan 1st 9.05
Discus Kimberley Reed 2nd 22.72 Naomi Symonds 1st 22.42
Javelin Kimberley Reed 3rd 22.12 Rachel Robertson 4th 15.18
U17 Men            
100m Tom Holligan 1st 11.77 Jordan Newport 2nd 12.26
200m Tom Holligan 2nd 23.62 Corey Hastings 2nd 24.76
400m Jay Younger 2nd 51.34 Jamie Wyse 2nd 53.63
800m Peter Loudon 1st 2.00.55 Alex North 2nd 2.07.19
1500m Edward Dudgeon 4th 4.25.50 Adam Jack 2nd 4.30.12
3000m Jake Wightman 5th 9.36.39 Peter Cameron 2nd 10.24.40
1500m S/C Adam Jack 2nd 5.05.89 Sam Wightman 2nd 5.34.15
100m Hurd        
400m Hurd Jamie Wyse 4th 65.65 Sam Wightman 2nd 67.39
4 x 100 Jonny Byrne-Leitch,
Corey Hastings,

Jordan Newport,

Tom Holligan

1st 45.43      
4 x 400 Peter Loudon,

Alex North,

 Jay Younger,

Tom Holligan

2nd 3.35.68      
Long Jump Corey Hastings 2nd 6.36 Jordan Newport 1st 6.05
Triple Jump Jordan Newport 5th 11.74 Peter Loudon 2nd 11.47
High Jump Corey Hastings 4th 1.65 Jay Younger 4th 1.50
Pole Vault     N/A    
Shot Jonny Byrne-Leitch 6th 9.50 Matthew Reid 5th 9.02
Discus Jonathan Murray 5th 30.08 Dean Murray 2nd 23.36
Hammer Jonathan Murray 3rd 40.37 N/A    
Javelin Matthew Reid 2nd 39.68 Jonathan Murray 2nd 34.92
U17 Women            
100m Rebecca Caswell 2nd 13.11 Charlie Eyeington 3rd 14.40
200m Fiona Cleat 4th 28.18 Charlie Eyeington 2nd 28.71
300m Faye Kearney 4th 44.27 Gaby Vita 7th 50.42
800m Emily Dudgeon 1st 2.12.28 Sam Blair 1st 2.26.09
1500m Sam Blair 4th 4.55.01 Laura Robertson 5th 5.49.10
3000m Ailsa Bruce 4th 11.23.41    
80m Hurd Lilian Gowans 3rd 13.90 Rachel Dinsdale 1st 14.38
300m Hurd Fiona Cleat 1st 48.81 Claire Florence 1st 52.09
4 x 100   2nd 51.81      
4 x 300   2nd 2.56.41      
Long Jump Jennifer Arnott 3rd 4.59 Ailsa Mackie 3rd 4.22
Triple Jump            
High Jump Sarah Watters 4th 1.40 Ailsa Mackie 4th 1.30
Pole Vault     N/A    
Discus Phillipa Valente 3rd 25.18 Nicky McMurtrie 2nd 23.41
Hammer Kate Turnbull 2nd 33.84 N/A    
Javelin Nicky McMurtrie 1st 31.81 Bethany Valente 1st 30.89

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